Kuragari (japanese for darkness/gloom) is probably one of many ways to describe the soundscapes and spheric guitar-laden compositions of Jordi Kuragari. They show both his skills and his passion as a songwriter and producer, aside from rock and alternative, his influences are mostly progressive rock as well as soundtracks.

In his repertoire, you can find rock- and popsongs of a songwriter, but also complex compositions, driven by his charactaristic guitarwork and a great range of sounds from all over the world. Born in Berlin, the multi-instrumentalist plays not only guitar, but also keyboards, bass guitar and sometimes drums. When he gets a chance, he also created pieces for classical guitar.

In 2012 his first solo-record "traveller" was released, followed by concerts in Germany and Poland, where the Live-EP "still travelling" was recorded. And he also works as a guitarist and producer for other projects, branching out into other genres of music, like Rock-Chanson with "GENERAT", or harder rockmusic with "Mike Nuhn" or Ambient with "Biinds".

All of those inspirations and experiences impacted on his new record "why wait", as Jordi Kuragari has achieved a diversity of skills both as an artist and producer, as you can hear in this multifaceted opus.
To give each piece the right atmosphere, almost 20 musicians from all over the world were involved in the recording. the album shines not only because of a classical stringsection, but from seven drummers, creating an individual mood for each song.

Featuring Gary O'Toole of the Steve Hackett Band, legendary soundscaper and live-looper Leander Reininghaus, or bassist Ramani Krishna, Jordi succesfully intergrates a wide range of musicianship in this unique recording, joining musicians from Germany, Italy, Belarus, India, Japan, England/Ireland, France, Korea and Peru on this album.


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